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Mr.Teluram Kamboj

Ghaziabad Map

Sh. Suresh Kumar Singh
Municipal Commissioner

Ghaziabad is the western most district of U.P. River Hindon flows through the city dividing it into east of Hindon (Cis Hindon Area i.e. CHA) and west of Hindon (Trans Hindon Area i.e. THA). CHA constitutes 2/3rd in area and population while THA constitutes 1/3rd area and population. The urban development of the city has been achieved through master plan 1981 and master plan 2001 from a population base of 70000 (1961) to 2.72 (1981) lakh , 9.68 lakh (2001) and 17.28 lak (app)(2011)

The City of Ghaziabad was upgraded from Municipal Board to Municipal Corporation, known as Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) on 31 August 1994 following 74th constitution Amendment Act 1992 and conformity legislation by state government. GNN area has been divided into five administrative zones namely, City Zone, Kavi Nagar Zone, Vijay Nagar Zone, Vasundhara Zone and Mohan Nagar Zone. The area is further divided into 80 wards. (Download list).

NEWS!!!!!! To pay your property TAX dues click Citizen Services or http://onlinegnn.com (now Vasundhra Zone Only) / Tax revision of all 80 wards under GhNN(Municipal Area) / Water supply and sewerage plan of city  / Health Route chart & employee details
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Shri Akhilesh Yadav
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav has made it a top priority directing officers to effectively implement the e-governance system, emphasizing IT as the top agenda. According to her, programs being implemented by the IT department have to be made better and public oriented. A number of service centers will also be open for the public. The government will provide all facilities to attract investment in the IT sector, and investors are free to set up a unit in any part of the state.
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