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Property Tax
Property Tax is a tax that an owner of property is liable to pay. The amount of tax is estimated on the value of the property being used. Generally, the property tax is levied based on usage type, construction type, occupant type, building age and market rate etc. It is one of the main resources of revenue for the Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad(NNG). All properties, which are situated with in the limits of the NNG, are assessed for the tax. Based on such assessments, all assesses are expected to pay tax. Tax shall be assessed based on the ‘ANNUAL RATABLE VALUE’, which is specified for each tax zone as per NNG, for OPEN PLOT Land it is based on the capital value. Few service taxes such as Property Tax,Water Tax and Sewerage Tax are levied and collected yearly.

GIS based Property information Management system shall provide efficient decision support system for the Nagar Nigam. GIS brings Nagar Nigam Administration much more effectiveness in monitoring assets and revenues. Integrated Property Information Management system along with Geographical Information System would result in use of enhanced technology.



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